Grovestead Gathering 2021 – “The Productive Household” (Audio Set)


C. R. Wiley, Rory Groves, Becca Groves

In this 2-day event, families came to our farm to learn about building productive households and family-centered economies. The teachings were geared toward creating more self-reliant, capable, and faithful families that will thrive in the days to come.

Six Audio Sessions:

  1. Against the Recreational Household – C. R. Wiley
  2. Casting a Vision With Your Family – Becca Groves
  3. Building Monasteries in the New Dark Age – Rory Groves
  4. Fighting the Principalities and Powers – C. R. Wiley
  5. The Economics of Self-Sufficiency – Rory Groves
  6. Harmony of the Household – C. R. Wiley
Downloadable MP3. 293 minutes.

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