What We Do


Gather & Grow is a Christian ministry dedicated to rebuilding the Family Economy.

We do this through in-person events, discipleship programs, mentorships, and speaking and writing opportunities.


We host several in-person events each year on our farm with the goal of inspiring families to start their own family-centered economies.

Throughout the year we also offer workshops on various homesteading and self-sufficiency topics, such as: beekeeping, maple tree-tapping, soap making, raising livestock and general farm tours. This is often the first exposure many have to family-scale agriculture.

“I’m just really grateful that I heard about this… Just to be in a group this big and its like your tribe, and wants to fear the Lord, its just like medicine to the soul.”


Family Discipleship

We host various opportunities for discipling and mentoring families and youth.

In 2019 we held our first “Farm Camp”, where Becca taught middle and high-school age girls about faith in a farm setting. The campers learned to weed a garden, bake bread, make jam, and spin wool into yarn all while learning biblical applications. We hope to expand Farm Camp to include teaching on practical trades, training young boys to become responsible men.

“When we came here it was just like you’re invited into everything. Like you’re family.”


Mentorships & Internships

Since the publication of Rory’s book, Durable Trades, we have received hundreds of letters from families seeking to start their own home economies.

We have met one-on-one with countless families, many who have gone on to make radical changes to their careers and begin working together. We also host interns in the summer months, to help with farm chores and share in a deeper “hands-on” learning experience. We’ve hosted both college students and whole families as interns.

“I look back over the summer and realize that I have learned how to build and paint a fence, bale hay, butcher chickens, make soap, take care of a garden, and interact with young kids. This internship has given me a confidence in my own capabilities that I didn’t have before.”


Speaking & Writing

Our print newsletter, The Grovestead, goes out to hundreds of families each quarter. We have been publishing it for five years, sharing our experiences of learning to farm and build our own family economy. It has been an encouragement to many, and we have enjoyed reflecting on what God is teaching us through life on the land.

Rory has also been invited to write and speak about the family economy at various groups and conferences. Sometimes these opportunities are paid, usually they are not. But we are encouraged to see the interest and would like to continue sharing and inspiring others to seek a more family-integrated life.

“We just got your newsletter, and I read through it in one sitting . . . Dan and I always walk away feeling so encouraged, so inspired, and so challenged to rethink how we’re doing life.”



We rely on generous supporters to provide free and affordable education for families who are desiring to work together.

“For me it’s good to meet so many people who are like-minded, who want to be more self-sufficient, there’s a lot more people out there than I thought.”


We publish a quarterly newsletter to encourage Christian families with articles about farming, family, and faith.

Thank you so much for the quality newsletters. Each article makes us feel less alone and more hopeful!