Family Retreat 2022 — “Covenant Families” (Audio Set)


Ray Simmons, Rory Groves

Our family retreat this year was focused on “covenant families,” exploring what God has done—and can do—throughout history when people are covenanted together, “In the name of God, Amen.” There was time set aside for families to seek vision from God and create their own “family compact” unique to their calling and convictions.
Pastor and author Ray Simmons joined as our guest speaker. Ray has written about covenantal blessings found in scripture and studied how families can work together to create lasting communities and societies blessed by God.

Four Audio Sessions:

  1. Nonperishable People – Rory Groves
  2. The Meaning, Purpose, and Power of Covenants – Ray Simmons
  3. Family Compacts: Covenanting with God for Your Family – Rory Groves
  4. Beyond Covenant Families – Ray Simmons
Downloadable MP3. 128 minutes.
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