The Family Economy


We believe that the Family Economy is God’s original plan for strong households, resilient communities, stable societies, and stewardship of the earth.

For thousands of years it was the family economy that provided the context in which families worked together, cared and provided for one another’s needs, and transmitted faith, culture, and values on to the next generation.

But in the industrial age, work has driven a wedge between families, dividing husband from wife, father from son, mother from daughter, and family from home. We seek to put back together what modern industrial society has torn apart.

“The basic economic unit is not an individual and it is not a corporation or the government. According to the creation mandate and 5,900 years of historical practice, the basic economic unit is the family.”

Family Life: A Simple Guide to the Biblical Family

Our name reflects what we do: Gather people and Grow things. Gather families, gather friends, gather communities in order to grow food, grow skills, grow relationships, and grow faith.

We believe the answer to the disintegrating effects of modernity and the challenges that lie ahead is a return to the family economy.

“Historically it has been decentralized, interdependent families and communities working together that have best weathered the storms of adversity. It will be the same today. A durable future depends on resilient family economies, close-knit communities, and ‘a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence’—it always has.”


We rely on generous supporters to provide free and affordable education for families who are desiring to work together.

“For me it’s good to meet so many people who are like-minded, who want to be more self-sufficient, there’s a lot more people out there than I thought.”


We publish a quarterly newsletter to encourage Christian families with articles about farming, family, and faith.

Thank you so much for the quality newsletters. Each article makes us feel less alone and more hopeful!