Our name reflects what we do: Gather people and Grow things. Gather families, gather friends, gather communities in order to grow food, grow skills, grow relationships, and grow faith.

We are Rory and Becca Groves. Ten years ago we moved our family to the country with the hopes of building a more durable, self-sufficient life. The most important lesson we learned is how to work together, as a family.

We founded Gather & Grow Ministries to help other families build their own family economies and become better prepared for the days that are ahead.


Gather & Grow is a Christian ministry dedicated to rebuilding the Family Economy.

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“It’s super encouraging for me to be around so many people who are rallying behind this idea of bringing the family together, bringing your kids into it, bringing community into it and not just being an individual on an island…”

—LUCAS, The Grovestead Gathering

Who We Are

Rory & Becca Groves

Rory and Becca moved their family from the city to the country several years ago to begin the journey towards a more durable way of life. They reside in southern Minnesota where they farm, host workshops, and homeschool their five children. Rory is author of Durable Trades: Family-Centered Economies That Have Stood the Test of Time.

Allan C. Carlson, PHD
Board Officer

Dr. Allan C. Carlson is an internationally acclaimed lecturer, founder of the World Congress of Families, and editor of The Natural Family: An International Journal of Research and Policy. He has authored 15 books including The Natural Family Where It Belongs: New Agrarian Essays. He resides with his wife Betsy on their multi-generational farm in Illinois.

Jared Dodd

Jared has been ministering to families for 20 years. He and wife Amy homeschool their ten children and travel the country speaking on discipleship topics at homeschool conventions, churches, and camps. He is also a pastor and author of eight books including The Castle and the Scroll. The Dodd family resides in Texas.

Randall MurphreE

Randall Murphree has been an editor for the American Family Association for 40 years. He grew up on a three-generation Alabama farm, learning early the importance of the intersection of faith, family, and farming. He resides in Tupelo, Mississippi.


We rely on generous supporters to provide free and affordable education for families who are desiring to work together.

“For me it’s good to meet so many people who are like-minded, who want to be more self-sufficient, there’s a lot more people out there than I thought.”


We publish a quarterly newsletter to encourage Christian families with articles about farming, family, and faith.

Thank you so much for the quality newsletters. Each article makes us feel less alone and more hopeful!


Durable Trades:

Family-Centered Economies That Have Stood the Test of Time

“If you desire to build your life and work around a durable, resilient, and family-centered career then Durable Trades is an excellent place to start your journey.”